Europrivacy Academy

The online academy to serve as qualified experts for assessing and certifying compliance of data processing with the GDPR.

Europrivacy is a European certification scheme and methodology to assess and certify compliance of data processing activities with the GDPR and other data protection regulations. The Europrivacy Academy delivers training courses to DPOs, implementers and auditors. Professionals who succesfull pass the online exam receive a formal qualification demonstrating their understanding of Europrivacy rules and methodology. 

Why Europrivacy?


Europrivacy is a comprehensive, reliable and cost-efficient certification scheme on data protection that is continuously updated by an international board of experts.

Global recognition

Europrivacy experts are recognised worldwide. Our courses will help you showcase your expertise in Personal Data Protection Certification under GDPR Article 42.


Europrivacy provides multiple professional networking and collaboration opportunities with legal and consulting firms, certification bodies, and other expert organisations.

Resource centre

From courses to handbooks, Europrivacy provides a variety of online resources to build and extend your expertise in GDPR compliance assessment.

The Europrivacy Academy for GDPR and data protection certification enables to apply Europrivacy  methodology and criteria to assess, document, certify and value compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

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