Europrivacy Academy

Europrivacy Academy is the online platform of training and capacity building for DPOs, implementers, auditors and other professionals to become certified Europrivacy experts.

Online Training

Learn about the Europrivacy Certification Scheme in a classroom-like setting.

Tests and Certificates

Earn a globally recognised certificate and extend your repertoire of expertise.

Network of Experts

Join a community of experts dedicated to personal data protection.

Europrivacy Courses

Europrivacy Academy provides comprehensive training courses to those interested in obtaining an official certification as Europrivacy experts in assessing and certifying compliance of data processing activities with the GDPR and national regulations.

Europrivacy enables the assessment and certification of compliance of personal data processing activities with the GDPR and complementary national or domain-specific regulations. It has been designed to encompass a wide range of data protection activities, including services and information management systems. Courses of Europrivacy offer a customised learning experience to a wide variety of interested professionals. Click here to learn more about the courses.


[OLD] Introductory Course

The course is ideal for those interested in learning more about what Europrivacy is without getting into the technical details of the certification process. It is ideal for those who wish to familiarise with the Europrivacy Certification before committing to learn how to use it. At the end of this course, you will have a broad overview and gained basic knowledge on the Certification Scheme.

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[OLD] Course for Implementers

This course is ideal for Implementers who wish to learn about the Europrivacy Certification Scheme. It provides comprehensive training that is necessary for professionals to ensure the compliance of their company or organisation with the Europrivacy Certification Scheme.

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[OLD] Course for Auditors

The course is ideal for experts who wish to be able to audit processes, products and services, as well as data protection management systems, assessing their compliance with the GDPR and other complementary data protection regulations. It includes 18 modules necessary to fully understand the Europrivacy Certification Scheme.

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Why Europrivacy?


Europrivacy is a comprehensive, reliable and cost-efficient certification scheme on data protection that is continuously updated by an international board of experts.

Global recognition

Europrivacy expert certifications are valid worldwide. Obtain a certificate and stand out with your skills among others in the field.


Europrivacy provides a networking opportunity for professionals interested to collaborate with consulting firms, certification bodies and other like-minded experts.

Resource centre

From courses to handbooks, Europrivacy provides a variety of online resources to build and extend your expertise in GDPR compliance assessment.

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